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Not a natural knitter

A little self-knowledge is a valuable thing and I have come to the conclusion that I am not one of life’s natural knitters. Would that I were.  Oh to effortlessly slip from my needles exquisite lace shawls, historically accurate river ganseys and drawers and drawers of colourful, fine-gauged socks. I have tried to improve my… Continue reading Not a natural knitter

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Fair Isle Finished: Memento and Metaphor

A finished thing!  Reason to rejoice forsure.  I’m far from expert in these matters and a perfunctory glance at the Wikipedia entry would suggest that this patterning is not for the purists.  In my defence, it is rendered in a limited palette and I worked in the round.  It’s the alliteration that I was after, can we… Continue reading Fair Isle Finished: Memento and Metaphor

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Stop Knitting at the Shark

Despite the perceived wisdom, research has shown that women are pretty good at navigating.  They just have a different approach to men, often relying on landmarks.  If I’m embarking on a journey that I undertake infrequently I certainly rely heavily on key physical features: The park, the petrol station, the shark in the rooftop. Not… Continue reading Stop Knitting at the Shark

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Eggs for Easter – Free crochet pattern

If you want a fat-bottomed, anatomically almost accurate hen-type egg shape that can be whipped up with a tiny bit of yarn in a (relatively) tiny bit of time then this might just be the pattern for you. This is an all in one recipe.  Top down, worked in a spiral, no slip stitches between… Continue reading Eggs for Easter – Free crochet pattern

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Bent-eared Bunny – free crochet pattern

The bent-eared Bunny is the most noble of breeds, born out of a happy accident with a crochet hook and some triple trebles. If you like your stuffed Easter things quick to make and Amigurumi-style then this Bunny could be for you!   Gauge/yarn/tools Gauge is not important as you can make this from a… Continue reading Bent-eared Bunny – free crochet pattern

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Barley Harvest Skinny Scarf

Barley Harvest Skinny Scarf Notes: This is a Double Lace Rib worked in two sections, each end is finished with a picot bind off.  The Double Lace Rib is worked in multiples of 6 stitches + 2. The pattern repeats every 4 rows. The dimensions of the scarf pictured are 93 x 5.5 centimetres.  The… Continue reading Barley Harvest Skinny Scarf

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Woolly Wensleydale – A Floccose Dalliance in the Dales

Do you know what I would do if I could time travel?  I would ask Past Penny to remember to photograph her recently purchased locally sourced wool in one of the many picturesque locations by which she was surrounded.  Maybe artfully perched upon a magnificent dry stone wall?  Or placed thoughtfully atop a skillfully constructed… Continue reading Woolly Wensleydale – A Floccose Dalliance in the Dales