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Fair Isle Finished: Memento and Metaphor


A finished thing!  Reason to rejoice forsure.  I’m far from expert in these matters and a perfunctory glance at the Wikipedia entry would suggest that this patterning is not for the purists.  In my defence, it is rendered in a limited palette and I worked in the round.  It’s the alliteration that I was after, can we leave it there?

Seeing as I am the slowest of slow knitters this scarf has been on and off me needles for… Well.  It’ll be two years in January.  Yep, you read that right.  Two years.  It’s a truly astonishing pace of production.

As a consequence of my supersonic speed this scarf has been a constant companion through the seasonal cycle of diminishing day length to long hours of languid sunlight and back again.  With its motifs marked out by pools and patches of bright and shade this scarf is both memento and metaphor.

Accompanying me through the most joyous arrivals, the warmest of new connections and some particularly significant departures – sharp memories are firmly knotted into this fabric.  Our lives are as woven as the strands of this scarf.  Some people are alongside us for the bulk of our journey, others we pick up along the way.  Those that drop from our lives before we are quite ready are not forgotten as their stories remain forever entwined with ours.

It is only possible to see the patterns in the dark because they are bordered by the light.





6 thoughts on “Fair Isle Finished: Memento and Metaphor

  1. Lovely! is it double sided? do you knit it double width and have a seam? I want one!!!! my other half knits and offered to make me one… but nice patterns hard to come by

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