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One link leading to another and discovering…

Oonaballoona from Kalkatroona:  A sewing star of celestial proportion.  One of those folks who are able to radiate warmth and energy using just thought and text and screen.  The link that laid me at the feet of O from K was The Sewcialists who have declared July 2014 as Oonapalooza Time.  Here’s their First Roundup.  Cool hey?… Continue reading One link leading to another and discovering…

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Finding beauty in the discarded.

Many is the hour that I have happliy wiled away browsing through the baskets and boxes that line the back wall of my favourite local charity shop, for the back wall doubles as an impromptu haberdashery.  Picture me if you will, balanced unsteadily with one leg either side of an overflowing bag of second hand bed-linen… Continue reading Finding beauty in the discarded.

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Spectator Sport

Did you know that here in the UK it’s National Sport Week?  I only know because there have been events at both of the children’s schools, one of which the eldest-and-newly-a-teenager gave us permission to attend.  “Permission!” I hear you snort.  I know, sigh, but it’s an improvement on last year.  Last year I didn’t even get to find out… Continue reading Spectator Sport

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In praise of pyjamas.

There’s something wonderfully egalitarian about jim jams.  Of an evening I bet even The Queen can be found padding about her palaces in slouchy pants and novelty slippers. Admittedly her trews are likely fashioned from Royal Stewart Tartan and her slippers are monster feet with claws of real gold. I wonder if Her Majesty has… Continue reading In praise of pyjamas.

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You can’t always come into my hamster ball…

but there are other ways for me to show you that I love you.  Admittedly, I almost never choose the medium of naked interpretive dance.  Predominantly and very predictably given the nature of this blog, I choose the medium of cloth and yarn. Image Source Thanks nice neighbour T for posting this on Facebook.  Can… Continue reading You can’t always come into my hamster ball…

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If Toronado had been a zebra…

Zorro would have been a very different franchise.  Cunning as a fox that one.  You can see from my top how he tried to steal a kiss outside the Co-Op whilst simultaneously fighting off three dim banditos and throwing a carrot to his trusty zebra steed. You know how calories don’t count when you’re standing… Continue reading If Toronado had been a zebra…

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meant to be an apron all along

Thanks be to Karen, the marvellous maestro of the apronalong.  Such a courteous companion to coach us through our apronly adventures. Enthused as I currently am with a certain early evening dancing-themed programme, I would hope that my apron might garner from the lovely Len a “Seven!”. “Look,” he might say “this apron, it’s like an… Continue reading meant to be an apron all along

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Let’s all join the Apronalong-ga!

Ah, hello there!  Yes, yes it has been a long time.   Where have you been and what have you been crafting? We’ve had the most fantastic dual hemisphere Summer/Winter: And this is about as close as I got to any crafting for the best part a month: So, to ever so gently ease myself back… Continue reading Let’s all join the Apronalong-ga!

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Revealing (the) Pyjamas

Here they are!  My silky, shiny, slinky, slippy, slide-y, red, white and blue Patriotic Pyjamas.  Jubilee Jammies.  If you’re interested in my Jubilee Jammie Journey, you can read about it in my Pyjama Party Posts.  I’ve slept in nothing else since they were completed, surely a success in anyone’s book?  Talking of books, I’d recommend… Continue reading Revealing (the) Pyjamas