A noise that only bats and dogs can hear…

…  that’s the noise that I made when I picked up the comment telling me about the The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Try as I might I cannot find out from where the awards originally hale so alls I can tell you is that I was gobsmacked to have received a… Continue reading A noise that only bats and dogs can hear…

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All the twelves – droopy elves

Well I think that’s what the man said at bingo last week. Might need me ears testing. Any road, a post today just because it’s 12/12/12 and I couldn’t resist recording the date in some way.  Here in ruralshire, Ingerland it’s been below zero for nearly 48 hours as you can see by what Jack… Continue reading All the twelves – droopy elves

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Sudden interest in spoon

Just for your delectation I spent a good 20 minutes one sunny Sunday morning trying to recreate the ‘Tunic G’ garment shot from the ‘Stylish Dress Book’.  Can you spot any differences?! I do know why they have the model in grey underthings, it’s so jolly tricky to capture the beauty of black.  I do… Continue reading Sudden interest in spoon

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feline participation

Despite some pretty determined intervention from the fur and stripes brigade I have *sound the Klaxons* finished the eldest’s rug.  Just in time for the first true frosts that have dusted the road in icing sugar and rendered the laminate flooring painfully chilly to the naked trotter. He professes to be pleased, so it’s on… Continue reading feline participation