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Making Rules when there are No Rules

‘Allo there, how you diddling?  I’m diddling fine thanks so very much for asking.  It’s nearly the end of semester and that always feels like an achievement even when you’re not the one that is taking the exams.

Would you like to see where I have got to with my hexagons?


Definite growth.  Now given that I was hoping for a pleasingly random scattering of colour across the lap/cat/not-sure-of-the-finished-size blanket, one might think that I would be happy to just pop my hand into the jar when it came to hatch a hexagon.


I mean there are twenty something balls to choose from, there would be no need to impose restrictions would there?  Would there?  Hah!  How little I know myself.  I began to stress that the ‘pleasingly random’ that I desired isn’t truly random, for truly random would mean embracing the idea that I could end up with a row that was entirely pink.  Or entirely solid.  Or entirely variegated.  Or, or..  you get the idea.  Given this spread of colours:

I have imposed these rules:

  • Choose six colours at a time.  Why six?  I’ve no clue, something to so with the six sides of the hexagon?
  • Of these six, three must be solid, three must be variegated.
  • Close your eyes as much as possible when choosing colours to add some degree of pucker randomness.
  • Try not to over-analyse colour placement once you have chosen the six.  You won’t believe the problem I have with the over-analysis.  Well, given that I have imposed so many rules where others would have embraced true randomness, maybe you would believe that I have a problem with over-analysis.

I am pretty pleased with the spread of colours that the rules and the eye closing are producing:


If you’d like to join me in hooking hexagons it’s not necessary to take on the inspired weird polygon protocol…  Here’s a hexagon tutorial that illustrates a similar method to the one that I’m using.  To join the hexagons as you go I followed this YouTube video.

That’s about it for now, I hope that you have a lovely evening.  My better half has just informed me that he ate scotch egg curry  Scotch.  Egg.  Curry.  for lunch so I suspect that I’ll be crafting by an open window.





7 thoughts on “Making Rules when there are No Rules

  1. Lovely colours. And rules are very important. Especially for librarians. I dislike the concept of egg curry, but Scotch Egg curry sounds completely vile. I wish you hadn’t mentioned it.

    1. Me neither. The conversation started with “Guess what type of curry I had for lunch today?” I didn’t guess correctly… but then I would argue that improbable picnic items in a spicy sauce is stretching the definition of curry!

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