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High/Low – a game we like to play

How was your day? High – well, finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was pretty cool. Low – I could have done without falling down the abandoned mineshaft. Translates brilliantly to sewing too, thanks to Crafting A Rainbow. I’m going to use the sometimes controversial  ‘Boss’ scale to rate these:… Continue reading High/Low – a game we like to play

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Step Away from the Seventies.

What *is* my problem?  The women on the pattern envelope could have stepped straight from the rough-to-the-touch pages of my Bunty, Judy or Misty magazines.  Well maybe not Misty as that was a little darker, the strap line on the envelope would have had to read ‘Little did Taffy know, the ring was bewitched’. Why… Continue reading Step Away from the Seventies.

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Dating leggings.

No, not a new show on Tacky TV.  A unimportant conundrum I challenge you to solve.  You might want to pop on some sunglasses, it’s going to get bright. I have had these leggings a long, long, long time. They are vintage/original/so-old-the-elastic-is-starting-to-crackle Benetton.  Now, without going into the loft and fighting through several boxes of… Continue reading Dating leggings.