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Warning! For Internal Use Only.

There are many, many wonderful things about having children. Today for example, we have this weather: So we have school closures and the perfect excuse to hurtle down slopes on brightly coloured bits of plastic. However, what no-one tells you at ante-natal class is how breathtakingly blunt children can be. My eldest has become adept… Continue reading Warning! For Internal Use Only.

Jungle January · Simplicity 1998

Never have I been so conflicted

The problem being that I cannot decide if this print is ‘Hint of zebra’ or ‘Homage to Zorro’ therefore I have decreed it shall be named something in between.  Which I have yet to decide.  Of course it could also have feline nomenclature as Scoobs has been neatly demonstrating how her stripes would also be perfect… Continue reading Never have I been so conflicted

Jungle January · sewalong · Sewing · Simplicity 1998

If Toronado had been a zebra…

Zorro would have been a very different franchise.  Cunning as a fox that one.  You can see from my top how he tried to steal a kiss outside the Co-Op whilst simultaneously fighting off three dim banditos and throwing a carrot to his trusty zebra steed. You know how calories don’t count when you’re standing… Continue reading If Toronado had been a zebra…