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Things from other things

Felicitations fellow fabric fans.  How are things with you today?  Things are tickety-boo in our tiny township, the sky has been blue and the step count has been high. Good news because I’m part of a Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) team and step counts count.  Go Library Academicals! Yea-s… and back to the clothes. As I’ve… Continue reading Things from other things

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My jungle has flamingoes*

How do you like your jungle flamingoes?  I like mine bright.  Lookee here: Woah!  Bright, right?  And where to place said birds?  That not being a euphemism.  Although given that the flamingo fabric became the bodice section of a dress it could well become my next best euphemism.  “Grr, if only me birds would face… Continue reading My jungle has flamingoes*

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I’m a little bit testy and a little bit floral.

Oh, me oh my, it’s been a testing week and I mean that in the literal sense of the word that it has been a week that has contained very many tests.  Thank you (absolutely and resoundingly NOT) to whomsoever devised the mandatory testing of ten year olds.  There have been tears, there have been troubled nights, there were tonsils the size of… Continue reading I’m a little bit testy and a little bit floral.

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Great British Sewing Bee Challenge – it’s as tough as it looks

Take one sandy afternoon, one men’s shirt   and a dash of Great British Sewing Bee inspiration. Engage elation, energy and excitement.  Warm up the iron, start the clock and off we go!! 11:12 Oh gosh, this is soooo exciting, what am I going to do?  Let’s have a bit of a think and a bit of… Continue reading Great British Sewing Bee Challenge – it’s as tough as it looks

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Taking up the Challenge…

set by Sew 2 Pro. You see that new button to the side?  That’s a Great British Sewing Bee Challenge button. I was wondering if this shirt:     Bought in a spirit of Jubliee red, white and blue inspired optimism two whole years ago could be combined with a trio of inspirations,   The… Continue reading Taking up the Challenge…

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What a difference a dye makes!

Let us consider the evidence.  A prim tablecloth reincarnated as a circle skirt:   Kinda cool as she may look above I have mentioned before  how she just didn’t work for me.  The poor unloved circular creature was consigned to the airing cupboard where she lay crumpled for many a month.  There was a brief… Continue reading What a difference a dye makes!

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As well as feathers, my jungle has fur.

Don’t you just love*/hate* it when things that you have painstakingly fashioned for yourself look much better on someone else? No?  Yes?  Well, when that someone else is the youngest female member of our clan, it’s all good here. No, not that female family member.  Although, she does think that fur is for her. Last… Continue reading As well as feathers, my jungle has fur.

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Makes me want to nip behind the bike sheds

I’ve made something a bit twee you see.  I could be more detailed with regards the garment construction but basically it’s a circle skirt. I have to put the blame fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Margaret McCrirrick.  In her book Better Dressmaking, she blithely tells me that one of the few things that you can… Continue reading Makes me want to nip behind the bike sheds

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This precious stone set in the silver sea

As the lawn dries, cracks and slides inexorably from ‘Centre Court on Men’s Final Day’ to ‘Summer of ’76’ I find myself in need of verdant shades. Enter stage left, an elderly bit player: Something ready-to-wear which to the faint-hearted may seem beyond redemption, but I say cut her down from the gallows, furnish her… Continue reading This precious stone set in the silver sea