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Oh wow! That was OWOP

There were ups – the beautiful blue skies, the warmth, the Spring flowers, the optimism that I would succeed.  There were downs – would I ever take a decent photo of the dresses without a handy helper?  What is going on with my hair and why am I pulling that ridiculous face?  There was also… Continue reading Oh wow! That was OWOP

One Pattern · One Week · OWOP · powder blue · Sewing · Vogue 1739

From twin bed to twin needle

Good morning, and it’s another clear-blue-skyed belter of a Spring morn here.  In honour of which I present the powder blue Vogue 1739. This was my first version which is why I might now describe this dress as a wearable muslin.  There is a fair amount of material flapping about at the neckline which is… Continue reading From twin bed to twin needle

Audrey · One Pattern · One Week · OWOP · Sewing · Vogue 1739

Back in black

Have to confess to a little mid-week OWOP ennui. *Adopt conspiratorial whisper*  “Shall we just slip into a little pair of cotton trousers?  It’s so beautifully, joyously SPRING outside.” “No, you can’t.  You promised yourself that you would follow through with OWOP.” ” But the only dress that’s truly appropriate for work is Audrey and Audrey’s… Continue reading Back in black