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Nautical but Nice?


The last of the OWOP hacks.  This dress is YET ANOTHER survivor from OWOP 01 and aptly demonstrates that when I re-started this sewing malarkey I had much less quality control.  Exhibit ‘A’ m’lud:


In my defence this was more or less my first attempt at a zip of this length (22″?)

Not terrible enough for you?  How about this!  No idea how to deal with too much fabric at the back seam?  Not a clue about attaching a lining to a zip?  Perplexed by both lining and outer shell meeting at the shoulder?  You are not alone, view my seams of shame:


Trust me, my friends, I have made good my mistakes.  And added a square neckline.  I was aiming for nautical… which it almost is in this shot:


However, when I took her to work I paired her with barely black tights and a cardie.  Not so much nautical as nurse-like.

angels(Image used for discussion and for those of you who like to be reminded of obscure 70s  British TV Series.  Copied from this site)

Round-up post later in the week.  In the meantime, many, many thanks to Jane for organising!

6 thoughts on “Nautical but Nice?

    1. There are only two pattern pieces which makes it straightforward. I think that to get a polished finish in a plain fabric requires a good deal of accuracy. As time has gone on my level of precision and my attention to detail has improved. It’s been interesting to re-visit these early makes and reflect on what I’ve learnt. It’s so easy when learning a new set of skills to forget how far you’ve come!

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