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From twin bed to twin needle

Good morning, and it’s another clear-blue-skyed belter of a Spring morn here.  In honour of which I present the powder blue Vogue 1739.

This was my first version which is why I might now describe this dress as a wearable muslin.  There is a fair amount of material flapping about at the neckline which is the part of the pattern that has given me the most grief.  In each version I’ve found that there is either an excess of  material folding forward or enough height to make me choke and gag, sometimes there’s a delightful combination of  both.  The sort of fitting issue that I ought to have sorted out having made it so many times??  The length of the dress is also a tad too short, something I have managed to rectify on subsequent iterations.  Yay me.

What am I pleased about?  I love the red stitching at the neckline which is the result of my one and only dalliance with my twin needle, it even matches very neatly at the shoulder seam.

And the name?  Well, the material began life as what must have been a jolly good quality double flat sheet.

Tutty bye for today.

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