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Take a bow, bow.


Despite being a HUGE Liberty geek I don’t know the name of this print… so… this is Vogue 1739 in something blue.  This frock is yet another survivor from OWOP 01, there are so many of them!  I sure don’t know how to throw my hand-mades away.  I blame the tana lawn it washes and wears fantastically.

I have updated this version.  I un-picked and re-cut the top section as there was always an excess of fabric.  I had originally cut a UK size 10 throughout whereas I actually need closer to a UK 6/8 at the top blossoming out to a much larger size lower down.  Here’s a ‘before’:



Here she is now:

Do you like the bow?  Even if you don’t take to the bow, trust me the fit is better and due to my better understanding of under-stitching I have even more or less tamed the accursed lining fabric.  What do you know?  I have learned something in the intervening years!

Have we reached the half-way point?   I think that we have fellow, jolly OWOPers!

4 thoughts on “Take a bow, bow.

  1. If it were me, I would choose a pretty satin in one of the dark blue tones to make the bow. Doing that helps keep the focus on the fabric, but will also draw the eye up to the bow, then allow the viewer to gaze into the depths of the amazingly intriguing print. I vascilate with bows. I like them then I do not. Sometimes I feel weird in them. Usually I opt for smooth, clean bow shapes, more along the style of a standard bow tie, without flare or hangy bits. This is partially because I am clumsy and catch on things (yes, even at the neck), and partially because I like clean lines. On this dress, though,I think a bow would be rather nice. In the self same, it gets lost in the print. Just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

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