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Buds, buttons, bows and buckles

OWOP day 2.

This is the one where:

I thought that I would experiment with a v-neck and no closure.  It’s mostly been successful.  I think that in taking out the seam at the back I have lost some shaping which I hadn’t really considered until casually leafing through  Couture Sewing Techniques .  Hmm, well I say casually leafed.  What I mean is reserved, drummed my fingers in anticipation and then devoured.  I’m still pondering how I might cleverly conceal an invisible zip into a pocket of a skirt or pair of trousers for that ‘just-dropped-off-a-top-designer’s-runway’ look.

What I really like about this version?  The bit of vintage bling.  As my daughter repeatedly points out “That buckle is actually mine Mum”.  She makes no claim on the possibly vintage, definitely thrifted, buttons.

What I don’t like?  The lining is supposedly anti-static but has a tendency to wrap about my thighs like cling-film on an oven-ready chicken.

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