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Always save the best ’til last

This is my favourite version of Vogue 1739.

It has a mammoth back story, starting out life as a grown-up version of a Gossypium dress that I made for my daughter.

Things that worked in this process – cutting on the bias, which is either in my imagination, or truly does give the dress a most satisfying swish.  What didn’t work?  More or less everything else.  The peter pan collar that was one of the original Gossypium pattern variations stayed in place about 3 nanoseconds.  There are no words to describe the ways in which this design feature did not work on a grown woman.  Here is the offending feature, dragged from the scrap bag for you to point at and laugh.

Trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat the dress was turned around, hacked about and became my most successful Vogue 1739.  What was a keyhole feature at the back of the dress is now at the front with an ingenious/desperate/inspired take on the bias strip ties.

What I refuse to show you is the wonky yoke line that now graces the back of the dress, those roses hide everything.

Whew!  I made it to the end of OWOP, how about you?

2 thoughts on “Always save the best ’til last

  1. I wish I had half your talent at dressmaking…how fabby to be able to spend a week wearing only dresses that you’ve made yourself!

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