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Let’s all join the Apronalong-ga!

Ah, hello there!  Yes, yes it has been a long time.   Where have you been and what have you been crafting? We’ve had the most fantastic dual hemisphere Summer/Winter: And this is about as close as I got to any crafting for the best part a month: So, to ever so gently ease myself back… Continue reading Let’s all join the Apronalong-ga!

Pyjama Party · sewalong

Revealing (the) Pyjamas

Here they are!  My silky, shiny, slinky, slippy, slide-y, red, white and blue Patriotic Pyjamas.  Jubilee Jammies.  If you’re interested in my Jubilee Jammie Journey, you can read about it in my Pyjama Party Posts.  I’ve slept in nothing else since they were completed, surely a success in anyone’s book?  Talking of books, I’d recommend… Continue reading Revealing (the) Pyjamas