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Patriotic Pyjamas

So, this sew-along malarky.  It’s my first you see, and I was thrown into a bit of a tizz by Karen’s post prompting us to cut out our pattern pieces.  Why was I thrown into a tizz you ask your self?  Well, I was still daydreaming about which fabrics I might use.  The very day of the post I was still considering buying new or new-to-me material.  However, I looked deep into my stash-soul and decided that really I had some material that would do.  In fact I needed to decide RIGHT NOW because it was required that I got my bony bottom into gear.

So, after the initial panic, I am definitely all for the virtual prompting the sewalong provides.  Left to my own devices I would still be gazing longingly at material, dreaming of a myriad of potential pyjama possibilities.  As it is, I am aiming for a silky and sophisticated set of sleepware.  I sure hope that I can meet my mental expectations.  Thanks again Karen for organising the sewalong, I’m not sure that I would have joined another more complex project!

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