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New footwork

So that stash fabric that I chose?  Don’t know what it’s made from but it’s been a challenge to work.  It’s not just the fluidity of the material that makes it slide gracefully to the floor the moment you loosen your hold, there’s also the gentle but constant disintegration of my carefully pinked edges.  It doesn’t so much fray as slowly but continually crumble to dust.  It’s the sort of dust that I suspect if you were handling it within a commercial environment it would get the Health and Safety Officer a bit twitchy.  My solution?  More feet.

Well, thinks I, you’ve been considering buying a special concealed zipper foot for a while, why not see if there’s something that’ll make hemming this minx-y material slightly less traumatic.  And, I did*.  I tried both a picot and a narrow hem on the bottom of my jammie legs.  Neither device dealt particularly well with the seams where there were too many layers of material to feed through effectively.  Mea Culpa, at least in part, as I’ve overlocked the seams together meaning I was trying to feed through 4 layers of  fabric.  Next time, I would try hemming before deciding on a inside seam finish.  After all, I can see my imperfect hems but not the perfect over-locked seams.  *Sigh*.

I did like the look of the picot edge but it’s not my hem of choice for this make as I need a bit more experience to get a neat and even finish. Also, the contrast stitch yelled ‘you haven’t mastered this yet you know’ way too loudly and it reminds me of fruit jammed into a string bag, not in an altogether good way.

For now, I’m leaving the pyjama bottoms petulantly perched on a hanger whilst I see if I can make a contrasting top from a truly tiny bit of shiny red stash stuff.

* The feet were from Sewing Machine Sales and they were delivered very quickly, I recommend 🙂

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