Pyjama Party · sewalong

I’d like to thank…

You’re so kind, but no, I couldn’t attempt a self-drafted top to go along with the slippy, slide-y jammie bottoms without all the support that goes on behind the scenes.  It’s not all my own work you know.  I have had help along the way.  I mean, I’ve had a second attempt at a bodice block for a start.  Do you think that I could have done that without assistance?  Six months ago, I’d not even heard of a bodice block, *that there* is the wonder of blogs.

And I must just mention these three things. Which three things?  These three things in this here post, they represent some of the ‘aid’ that I have had had thus far in my journey through the Pyjama Party Sewalong.

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That would be a pre-metric system tome, a mischievous moggie and the result of letting your 8-year old carry your newly purchased fancy drafting ruler thing home.  Here’s hoping the self-drafted top makes the grade for the pyjama party.  Before the end I have the feeling that there may be tears.

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