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If Toronado had been a zebra…

Zorro would have been a very different franchise.  Cunning as a fox that one.  You can see from my top how he tried to steal a kiss outside the Co-Op whilst simultaneously fighting off three dim banditos and throwing a carrot to his trusty zebra steed.

Simplicity 1998
Suitable for sword fighting? Simplicity 1998

You know how calories don’t count when you’re standing up? Or when someone else has eaten more than you? Or when the biscuits were broken? (Is it any wonder that I have several Christmas kilos to confess?) I think it’s the same with fabric. I haven’t really spent money if it’s

  • a remnant
  • for a particular project
  • late night and on the Internet and I used my credit card.

Well this fabric ticks the first two points, it’s 85cms of a polyester and spandex (lycra?) jersey and it’s for Jungle January.

Right, I’m off to rapier lessons.  You never know when He might appear.

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