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doolally denim

Goodness me, easily one of the longest makes in my personal history. I don’t know about you guys but much of my sewing is solitary, squished as it is into school hours. To stop myself from going completely doolally Radio 4 is my non-judgmental and constant companion. Often for months after a make I can bring to mind some of the tales bought to my ears via 92-94 FM. For these trews the wordy earworms were:

  • the Afternoon Drama “Setting A Glass” with James Fleet
  • the indignities meted out upon the embalmed body of Eva Peron (Evita’s Odyssey)
  • the ‘Saving Species’ special on the spoon-billed sandpiper

The results of the near month-long endeavour? My first ever me-made trousers of denim!

Odd piccie this one, in real-life they don’t appear to have lower thigh flanges, well not from the wearer’s angle any road.

Loving my pocket embellishment, sure hope they stand up to the washing machine. If they do? I will consider myself finally liberated from denim-related changing room shame. I can once and for all cast off the oppression of ready-to-wear jeans in rubbish leg-length and unrealistic hip-to-waist ratios. Yay! I’ll leave you with a little bit of an apron-y teaser-y taster:

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