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Makes me want to nip behind the bike sheds

I’ve made something a bit twee you see.  I could be more detailed with regards the garment construction but basically it’s a circle skirt.

I have to put the blame fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Margaret McCrirrick.  In her book Better Dressmaking, she blithely tells me that one of the few things that you can make without any pattern cutting or drafting is a circle skirt.  All you need is your waist measurement.  Well, waist measurement minus 2.5cms, divide the total by six, use this as a radius measurement and cut 4 pieces.

Argh, see, now I’m explaining.  I can’t help myself.  Here we go.  Basically you fold your circular fabric in four and cut the radius that McCrirrick suggests from the top corner.  Here’s how my lining looked:

IMG_7314You want to cut the top corner with all the folds.  Not the other top corner.  You’re aiming for a doughnut shape not a biscuit with nibbled edges.

IMG_7315One massive blue doughnut.  Which I tested for size.  It slid neatly over my head, my shoulders, my hips and onto the floor.  Mad.  That hole looks tiny.  Must be the bias?  Or McCrirrick witchcraft.

Having tested the theory of the McCrirrick Circle Skirt Radius Cutting Method on my lining material I cut into my fashion fabric – an old tablecloth:


The genius of using the ready-made tablecloth is that I didn’t have to hand roll the hem which lets face it I ‘int never gonna do.

I then bunged the lining and the tablecloth together, elasticated the back because it wouldn’t sit right on my hips and fashioned a pocket from the centre of the tablecloth doughnut.


The result?

Well ‘Look at me I’m Sandra Dee’.

I fear it’s a bit saccharin for everyday and makes me want to take up smoking.  Preferably with my biker boyfriend.  Round the back of the bike sheds.

Do you circle?

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