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Things from other things

Felicitations fellow fabric fans.  How are things with you today?  Things are tickety-boo in our tiny township, the sky has been blue and the step count has been high. Good news because I’m part of a Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) team and step counts count.  Go Library Academicals!
Yea-s… and back to the clothes. As I’ve been stepping out as frequently as my creaky old knees will let me I’ve had to be appropriately attired and what I have been appropriately attired in today is an old tablecloth. A tablecloth? Yes, a tablecloth. Not just any old tablecloth I’ll have you know, a tablecloth that had already been not one but two shades of impractical circle skirt. View the evidence from the vaults:

Honestly, how anyone does anything with that amount of fabric flapping about their thighs I’ll never know.

The-tablecloth-that-became-a-skirt-that-was-then-dyed-purple is now a pair of culottes (New Look 6626, which I’ve made before).

Yep, I’m still a stranger to the steam iron.  Give me a break, I’m sure that I’ve mentioned already how unusually active I’ve been today.  I’m on for a personal best step count I’ll have you know.

Now, the curved hem of the skirt/tablecloth gave my bodgery/fudgery muscles a bit of a work out but I’m not entirely unsatisfied with overall ‘hang’ of the thing.  I’ve more of less utilised the decorative edge to reasonable effect and it got me thinking about other things with border prints and whether they were harvest-able.  It’s something that I think our sewing ancestors did frequently.  This pattern for a pantskirt (!):

has a 90″ by 108″ bedspread as one of the suggested fabrics.  I really, really want to have a go at that.  Have you made a thing from any other thing?  Would you go the route of the tablecloth or the bedspread or would you try something more modern.  There’s always the Twister Mat Raincoat, tell me you’ve seen one of those.  They are ACE, go forth and Google those and then tell me what you think:

Tablecloth, bedspread or Twister Mat?


5 thoughts on “Things from other things

  1. I often buy “fabrics” in the home decoration stores, such as tablecloth, curtains and bed linens. they often come in different colors and prints, then the fabric at the fabric store.

  2. Nice conversion! Its been a while since I raided home dec items for garment sewing, but I do have some orange velvet, once curtains, prepped and waiting for inspiration.

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