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What a difference a dye makes!

Let us consider the evidence.  A prim tablecloth reincarnated as a circle skirt:



Kinda cool as she may look above I have mentioned before  how she just didn’t work for me.  The poor unloved circular creature was consigned to the airing cupboard where she lay crumpled for many a month.  There was a brief period where she was dyed pebble beige but her true salvation was to come in the form of Intense Violet.  Nope, not a character from Horrid Henry, a package of purple purchased from purveyors of pigments – Dylon.  Here’s the Before and After:

And on me she looks thus:


I may not have been as conscientious with the iron as I could have been but I did pick out matching shoes for you.  And I stood on a bench.

Now whilst I like her much better now, I don’t think that my previous problems with her were entirely a question of colour.  I think that there is a weight and styling issue going on too.  My circle skirt is heavy.  It’s not a particularly weighty fabric, it’s a 50/50 polyester and cotton mix, but there is a mighty mass of material.   It was summer when I made the skirt and that bulk of fabric felt leaden and restrictive.  In winter the weight of material is re-assuring and warm, I feel enveloped rather than overwhelmed.  Although in this photo I look searingly under-whelmed.  By life in general.



Gee whizz Penny, crack a smile why don’t you! I have to confess to being beset with a curious mixture of vanity and self-loathing when trying to capture my clothing using nothing but timer and tripod.  Any tips?  Preferably that don’t involve an entire personality transplant.

I like these shots more, mostly because the Better Half was in charge of the camera.



He really tickled himself trying to make it look as though I was doing the splits.  The smallest child thought that it looked more like I was melting into the lawn.  “You mean I look like the Wicked Witch of the West?”

Ye Gods, yet more vanity and self-loathing.  Let’s not end there, let’s end with something up-lifting.  This furry photo-bomber likes the skirt too:

Until the next time, Px.




2 thoughts on “What a difference a dye makes!

  1. It would be a lovely way to brighten up your winter wardrobe if it’s that heavy now it’s such a lovely colour x

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