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Warning! For Internal Use Only.

There are many, many wonderful things about having children. Today for example, we have this weather:

No worries, it's only the mad woman with the camera
No worries, it’s only the mad woman with the camera

So we have school closures and the perfect excuse to hurtle down slopes on brightly coloured bits of plastic. However, what no-one tells you at ante-natal class is how breathtakingly blunt children can be. My eldest has become adept at the carefully chosen euphemism, my youngest still deals in total honesty. When presented with this mid-make creation the reaction was…

perturbed by pockets
perturbed by pockets

‘Oh! You’ve made yourself a dressing gown!’
Crest-fallen, I have removed the pockets and banished it to the under-stairs cupboard. I will wear you outside of the house, you are not a bed jacket. We just need a bit of time apart that furry jacket and I.
Lest you fear a wholly negative post I do have a Disaster Recovery Plan. Could the pockets become slippers? I’m thinking that hands and feet are roughly the same size.

Make or mend?
Make or mend?

These have done Stirling service so far and it seems a shame not to re-use the cork soles. I reckon all I need is a decent glue gun. Very open to advice and opinions, let’s Save The Slippers!

5 thoughts on “Warning! For Internal Use Only.

  1. I recall hurling down snowy hills on bits of shiny plastic. Of course, my very next memory is being in the ER, having my split open chin sewed up! But, hey, fun is fun. 🙂

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