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Sunshine and snowflakes

Well a snowflake, none of that pretty precipitation here.  Just the liquid stuff that hangs from the hedges like great fat tears and paints everything in sepia tones.  Well not today!  Today that great ball of fire has emerged into a cerulean sky and has lit up my flake and my flower.  Anyone else now thinking about chocolate?

The Flower and the Flake (sounds like the name of girls only pub)
The Flower and the Flake (sounds like the name of ‘Girls Only’ pub)

PS Special New Yearly thanks to Kestrel Finds and Makes for pointing me in the direction of a super snowflake pattern at Attic 24.  Twas perfick.

PPS For anyone following the riveting saga of The Paperwhite Daffs, that’s my first bloom.  Not bad for something bunged into a pot at the end of November eh?

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