Jungle January · Sewing

Are we the last?

“‘Scuse me pardon me, can I just pop myself here?”

“This is all your fault Sinistra.”

“Hmmm, well that’s you all over isn’t it Destra?   Just because your name means Right, it doesn’t mean that you are right all the time.  I said we had to be finished by the 31st, you were the one that said we had loads of time.”

“We did have loads of time, it was you that got all sticky and made her stab herself with the craft knife.  I knew that our other coats were glued on really tightly, did she listen?”


“Shush now.  We’re supposed to sit here and look pretty.  You want to be included in Jungle January don’t you?  If you don’t sit down RIGHT NOW, we’ll miss it”

“All I’m saying is… “

“Sshhh, smile for the camera!”


Thanks Annie, for such a fab sew along.  If I were you, I would be treating myself to something like this… scarf with a Dachshund upon it.

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