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#wearthatgrrr – a jungle retrospective

Many is the year that I have taken to my sewing table with items animal-y.  And, because you asked (!), it’s now time for a run down.  So, without further ado, for your viewing, pointing and laughing, pleasure!  Here are my makes.  Furred, feathered and in some cases purely un-fathomable.

In top spot is the sassy raccoon sleep set.






Pole position due to a triptych of traits – durability, practicality and comfortability (?)

Second by a whisker is the newest jungle recruit, the orange feathered affair.


Warm of tone and blending with all, she be my new favourite thing.

Mid-table in the league of jungle makes is a trio of knitty things bedecked with zebra stripes, leopard print and flamingoes.

At the bottom of the jungle food chain are some failed experiments in fur(&, &), a shirt that doesn’t quite flatter and a zebra print that needs an occasion.

What have I learned from the retrospective?  That experimentation is good, even if it ends in failure and faux fur is a flecker to work with.

Thank you!  Pretty Grievances for leading me to the jungle year after year #wearthatgrrr!









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