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#VintagePledge #MMMay17

I’m keeping me pledges plain this year.

I’m still making clothes.  I’m still wearing clothes.  Layers and layers of the things – you never know when to expect the next extreme personal weather event.

Any.  Road.

When it’s a me-made or a vintage thing I’ll be sharing it with you guys.

I’m aiming to wear one me-made thing every day in May.  If you want to catch them, they’ll be on instagram – where everyone and their hedgehog, pug and chinchilla seem to have migrated.

When it’s vintage, like as not it’ll be on instagram but maybes also on Pinterest.

There are fabulous instigators to be thanked – for Me Made May it’s Zoe here and for the Vintage Pledge it’s Marie here.

Are you taking part too?

2 thoughts on “#VintagePledge #MMMay17

  1. Everyone’s on IG these days! I love all the Me Made May posts though, some new people to follow and patterns to discover! I might take a look at the vintage Pledge this year.

    1. IG seems huge all of a sudden. When I last looked there were nearly 14,000 #mmmay17 posts which – as you so rightly say – means loads of new sewing friends and more patterns to hanker after.

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