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Wait! Wait! I have one or two last things to show you!

Not as late as the Great Prophet Zarquon – but a little close to the wire for my liking.  Here we have not one but two makes to round off my Vintage Pledge year.  The first is a pattern re-visit:

Advance A106

In something indestructible in the way that only a mystery-man-made can be.

Advance A106

I look at these photos and marvel that it was ever mild enough to venture out of the house in short sleeves.

The second thing is a new-to-the-blog pattern:

Style 1225

In a weird, thick knit roll end.

Style 1225

Cor, look at my lush rhubarb!  Hope that it comes up like that next year…

I like how this pattern allows stripe play.  I do not like the length of the sleeves, I might tinker with them in the new year.  I might also tinker with the collar, because despite reigning in the pattern’s exuberance at the collar prep. stage:

Style 1225

That collar is still a bit of a clunky-chunky beast.

So how did your Vintage Pledge go?  The makes that made it to my blog this year were the two tops above, plus

A crochet hat


Gingham trousers

Gnome t-shirt

Floral hat

Pink floaty top

Orange jumper

Black shirt

Purple pants

Zebra scuba jacket

Thanks to Kestrel Makes  and A Stitching Odyssey for their Pledge enabling!  Right, I’m off to visit the other pledgers on Pinterest, see you there?!


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