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Sometime Cinderella

Ever think that we who crochet get a somewhat Cinderella service?  I do!  Now, I know that I am not a natural knitter. Not for me, the comforting clickity clack of pins as I glibly watch the telly whilst my fingers unconsciously, and completely competently, create.  Each of my knitted items has been hard fought.  This of course makes my judgement clouded, I’m not in any way impartial.  Impartiality or no, I think that crochet could be served better.

plaited fringe

To fuel my misplaced sense of indignation, I rooted about ravelry.  Do you know that for every crochet cowl pattern the lucky knitters have 4 patterns to choose from? For shawls the ratio is 4.5:1 and for scarves it’s 3.5:1.  Want to know where crochet had the edge?  Blankets.  Here the crocheteers nudge a 4:3 victory.  Are blankets really the only thing that crochet does best?  There must be other things that crochet does as well as – or better – than knitting.  Let me know!  I want to expand my crochet repertoire.

If you are one of the crocheteers of the world and you would like to fashion a massive scarf-thing like this. You need:

  • 200 g/400 m/437 yards of 4 ply
  • 3mm  and larger hook

Don’t do as I did and cast on with the same sized hook, it’ll make your foundation chain tight.  Make your foundation chain with a larger hook.  My scarf is about 200cms by 23 cms.  According to my notes, I cast on 402 stitches.  This is pretty odd because you need multiples of 3 plus 2 for this stitch.  Who knows what I did there.  To get a fringe, leave a long tail at the beginning and end of each row.  The yarns that I used are sock mini skeins from the (retired) Natural Dye Studio.

Do you know the other interesting thing about this scarf?  Despite, quite literally containing all the colours of the rainbow, it goes with naff all in my wardrobe.

4 thoughts on “Sometime Cinderella

    1. Very true, I need to mobilise some form of pattern writing movement!
      I’d like to see more crochet in books too, some of the ones that I have that cover both are def. weighted in favour of knitting… Its jealousy, I love the look of knitted things, I just can’t make it quickly enough!

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