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#SimplicitySewingChallenge – Simplicity 1365 – View C by the sea

Simplicity 1365 is a sassy seventies sew.  Think Barbara Bach modelling Bus Stop, think Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels , think Linda Carter in Wonder Woman.

Think middle-aged lass arsing about in America.

Simplicity 1365

#Holiday #ByTheSea #SaltMarsh #MultipleInsectBites

It’s mostly rendered in a liberty print called Beth’s Flowers and it’s jersey.  Rendering this is jersey meant that I could cheat somewhat and miss out the buttons at the back.  This wasn’t entirely out of laziness.  To me the slim and sexy silhouette said swimsuit and a swimsuit needs a bit of stretch. This is a test of sorts:  Will I be able to make some bathers from this pattern?

You know what else yells swimming and summer and sun and sea and sand?  These ties:

Simplicity 1365

I think that your swimmers would be secure with these.

Simplicity 1365

I was so taken with the idea that this would work as a swim thing that I tried it on top of my swimsuit.

Yep, I think that there’s two-piece potential there.  I’m imagining a high-waisted shorts-style bottom half, I like plenty of coverage.  The top pattern, as written, is fully lined with a neat and fully enclosed finish at both the top and the bottom edges.  There’d be plenty of scope for slipping in some swim cups and maybe some other secret support.

Simplicity 1365

There we have it my lovelies.  Simplicity 1365, a super summery top and, for me, possibly a swimsuit!

Simplicity 1365

If you want to find out more about the #SimplicitySewingChallenge, you can, there’s more information here.


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      1. #modernrelationships 😉tell home to check out the website Instagram Husbands – he’ll have a good giggle.

      1. No.. We were in Cape Cod from the 25th to the 30th of July. Perhaps the property was bedecked with Stars and Stripes for the benefit of English tourists!

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