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annual rhythms – sewing, not in circles, but in cycles


I sometimes wonder if I know myself at all.  There’s a rhythm to my sewing productivity and I’m astounded that I have, until now, been so blissfully unaware of this that at the beginning of the year I made a pledge that involved a monthly sewing target.  A monthly sewing target! I’m putting in a request to HR that the figure be annualised because, well, because I should have known better.  Nothing gets made or blogged in the summer.  There’s so much else to be done.  The thrill and disappointment of the new raised beds:  Will the rambunctious pumpkin/courgette-cross that has already escaped the confines of the bed make it to the end of the patio?  Will I get more than 3 purple mangetout?  Will the tomatoes ever ripen?


Then there’s the decorating.  Sewing has to take a back seat when you’re convinced that the sills, soffits and fascia might part company with the rest of the building and the two teens request (quite sweetly actually) age-appropriate decor.

All of this is a very long way of introducing my latest vintage pledge.  A seventies Style, number 1834.


(Nearly) view 4 in a fine, gauzy, (vintage?) fabric find.  It’s a very simple raglan sleeved top.  My sleeves don’t have much puff because I didn’t have enough fabric.  I never have enough fabric.  It’s not a tricky sew, apart from threading the neckline, which was tricky at the sleeve seams.

Style 1834

The matching beads were a late addition and please me way more than I think that they should.  What also pleases me is that the fabric could have been fashioned from my palest pink, grown-from-seed-i’ll-have-you-know hollyhock. Look:

That’s it my lovelies, that was, and indeed still is, my fifth #vintagepledge.  In reverse order the previous pledges were:

4. orange jumper

3. black shirt

2. purple pants

1. zebra scuba jacket

6 thoughts on “annual rhythms – sewing, not in circles, but in cycles

  1. The blouse looks so lovely and delicate! Don’t worry about summer blogging, you are not alone! Heck, people probably have better things to do than even read blogs in summer anyways, so I’m not too worried about my “scedule”… 😉

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