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Advance American Pattern A106 #VintagePledge

Tick, tock, another equinox and in the needlepoint of the native British hedgerow spring has started with the bright white stars of the blackthorn blossom.


Misleadingly there’s still a fair nip in the air so I’ve been working on a long-sleeved thing. A long-sleeved, vintage thing. How much work in a long-sleeved shirt? A lot. A lot of work in a long-sleeved shirt. Collar. Cuffs. Button holes. Buttons.  Darty tucks (tucky darts? Tarty ducks?)


Is it worth the work?  With this pattern I’m thinking yes.


I’m very much Team Raglan when it comes to sleeves. I find them (relatively) easy to insert and something about the way that they lie suits my square shoulders.

IMG_9667What else to relay?  This might just be the oldest pattern that I have worked with.  The pattern paraphernalia is undated and the briefest of brief searches gives me a date range of between 1933 and 1966.   The pattern pieces were marked with perforations rather than print and the envelope is not an envelope, it’s a piece of paper folded into three.

Also.  Sheer fabric that frays freely = lots of seam finishing decisions.  I’m thinking hard about those tricky, tricky decisions in at least one of these photos:

Small print

This is my third #VintagePledge

The Purple Ponte Pants of Pride were my second.

We started the year with a Zebra Jacket.

I have no clue what is to come but I’m excited to find out.

12 thoughts on “Advance American Pattern A106 #VintagePledge

  1. I would guess mid-1950s. I like your version a lot and think it looks very modern. And I agree that blouses and shirts are ridiculously, tediously time consuming to make and I avoid them most of the time, and wear a T shirt instead. Tarty ducks indeed.

    1. I absolutely love this pattern! I’ve since made the short sleeved version, but, (very, very, sad face) it’s currently in a suitcase that is possibly-but-we’re-really-not-entirely-sure still in Heathrow.

      1. Oh no! I did see the matching outfits on instagram. Those missing cases do usually reappear so hopefully before the end of your hols. Now it’s a serious business that you retrieve that missing blouse. I’m not surprised that you’ve made them all, it would be difficult enough to choose which one first! Look forward to seeing it in a holiday snap!!

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