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Purple Ponte Pants of Pride #VintagePledge 2016

These pants got me thinking about pride.  Well, these pants and this set of morality plays.  You see, when I tiddled about in the rockery in what I imagined was an era-appropriate pair of pigtails, I did not get a set of photos that made me feel proud of the pants that I had just made.


These pants:


although wide of leg are slim of hip.  Bless the drafter, the crotch is dropped enough to avoid one set of fitting woes but another emerged in the photos.  My belly bulge.  In particular, the way my belly bulges over the ridge of my (unplanned) caesarean scar.

You probably can’t see it because I deleted a googolplex of images before I settled on the hand-picked few that would be allowed a public airing.  Such pride, such vanity.  I feel that it begs a question or five…

Am I proud that I have grown children in that belly?  Yes.

Do I like how my belly looks under certain clothing?  No.

Am I going to spend the rest of my life doing The Plank for two hours a day?  No.

Do I need to get used to an older, lumpier version of myself?  Yes.

Have I lost the point of this post?  Yes.

Pride, let me make it a force for good. Encouraging me to work precisely for a fit and finish of which I can be proud.  Ladies and gentlemen, these are The Purple Pants of Pride.

Small print :  This is my second #VintagePledge 2016.  Here’s my first.  Squee (very excited noise), this might be the next one:






18 thoughts on “Purple Ponte Pants of Pride #VintagePledge 2016

  1. You can’t see in the photos, and I would hazard a guess that most people wouldn’t notice IRL. I always recommend Pants For Real People for dealing with any pant fit issues, they really are the holy grail of fit! They look awesome to me though 😊

    1. Pants suit my lifestyle so it would be great if I could get a couple of patterns or a block/sloper that worked really well.
      I’ve had my eye on Pants For Real People for some time, it might be time to commit to a copy!

      1. Dooooooo it!! On my first go using their method that’s not even their top / foolproof method the outcome was incredible. I reckon in two more pairs time I will have my sloper / standard adjustments sorted.

    1. Ah thanks, I was adamant that a pair of purple pants were something that I could not be without.
      On the other matter, it’s funny what we notice in ourselves. I have of course chosen the most flattering of angles!

  2. I love the honesty, and humour, of this post. I am guilt of choosing better angles but I am not that worried about looking a bit rubbish sometimes eg no make up, even (sometimes) no underwear (no VPL that way). Looking forward to the blouse already.

  3. I think you’ve hit two points here- the pride of gorgeous accomplishment and the pride of looking fab while not being a stereotype definition of beauty that none of us are! Purple prance away, Ma’am!

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