Advance American Pattern A106 · New Look 6111 · Sewing · Simplicity 9192

Pattern and Pieces

Growing up, time spent with my grandparents, my Nanny*, my Great Aunt and her mother, my Nan, always meant games.
Mostly these games required pen and paper, packs of cards or empty paper cake cases. However, if my Great Aunt was involved, the games would always be elaborate affairs.  There were rules, explanations and very often a performance.  I’m resplendent with sepia-toned memories** of the hours spent building rickety towers from cake cases or discussing character motivation in the freezing hallway prior to a group charade.

One of my favourite games was The Tray Game – the one where you endeavour to remember all of the items under the tatty tea-towel after desperately eyeballing them for a meagre 30 seconds.

Here’s a sewing version what I have invented.

Here are some pattern pieces.  On a tray.





Three pattern pieces. Three patterns:


To which pattern do each of these pieces belong?

That’s it!  #HoursOfFun.

*My Dad’s Mum, it wasn’t that sort of childhood

**It was the 1970s

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