My #VintagePledge 2016

Do you do vintage?   If yes, you have my full permission to skip this paragraph.  If no…  What if I tell you that patterns from the 90s can be included in your #VintagePledge?  Or that workers of yarn, needle and hook are also welcome, would that sway you?  Shall I tell you a little about what I have planned before you decide?

*Takes visible deep breath as she is preparing to make an announcement.*

I’m planning to make and blog one vintage pattern a month.  That doesn’t look much like a pledge.  Let’s try:

I, Penny, pledge to make one vintage pattern a month.

That looks a little more pledge-like.  Now.  One a month.  Is that a little or a lot?  For me it represents A LOT.  I’ve just had a quick tot-up of the makes that made me blog last year.   By my reckoning there were 14 finished makes with a direct 50:50 split between ‘vintage’ and ‘other’.




There was a definite shift towards vintage towards the close of 2015 and that has carried on into 2016 with a vintage jungle jacket

and a little something with flare from Butterick 3581 in progress.


What do you think?  Were you already firmly in Camp Vintage* or have you found yourself swayed?  No matter, whether you are Camp Vintage, swayed, swaying or indeed, totally un-swayed –  travel here or here to find out more.

* totally ought to be the name of a shop or specialist website

9 thoughts on “My #VintagePledge 2016

  1. Absolutely firmly Camp Vintage (I *do* wish that was a vintage shop or actual grownup camp retreat–I’d be there in a minute!) here, and very excited to see what you come up with each month! That coat was truly spectacular, by the way.

    I have always watched this sewalong from the sidelines, but I think this is the year that I actually throw a pledge of my own out there–why should you lot have all the fun? =) Besides, all my vintage patterns aren’t going to sew themselves!!

  2. I sort of like rules, and I don’t like rules. Sometimes I need a framework and a push. And sometimes I just rebel. But generally I like the vintage patterns because they are more interesting and challenging than many modern styles. And often because they are fitted and I like fitted clothes. I don’t cultivate a “vintage” look – hair dye, victory rolls, funny footwear, old glasses (plus tatoo??). I like the wide trousers and think you will look lovely in them.

    1. There’s that tension with the self-imposed goal. If it gives me an incentive to sew, yay! If I find it’s yet another deadline with the accompanying stress, not-so-yay.
      I think that I’m drawn to vintage patterns for the same reasons – some of the styles suit me and they often have details that I don’t spot in many modern patterns.
      Cultivating a vintage look – that’s an interesting topic. It’s not for me, for a start, how would I choose an era? I’m way too fickle to settle on one period. However, I can see the joy that it brings those that do.

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