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My jungle also has raccoons

Raccoons, raccoons, raccoons.  Raccoons everywhere!  I love them.  To my mind, they are slightly sassy lady raccoons.  Out for a good time.  In a forest of maracas.


Have you ever sewn with fabric that has faces?  Lots of faces?  I don’t have a lot of experience in this particular field, there were the lilo ladies but they didn’t fret me anywhere near as much as these nocturnal naughties.  I did not want to cut up or sew through anyone’s face.  Or anyone’s tail come to that.  Any road, with 1.90 meters of narrowness and a brutal attitude to the truncation of tails and the bifurcation of faces I fashioned a PJ top and some sleep shorts.

I could fit the left over fabric into the teeny-tiny top pocket that you can’t see because of all the furry, sassy faces.

Talking of tops, this top is Pajama Top 12/2014 #133 which was free in the BurdaStyle Advent Calendar (new to me, loved it!)

IMG_80881, 2, 3 pockets in the front and my first ever attempt at piping.  A nice finishing touch but goodness I found it fiddly.


Back vent.  Drafty!

As fer the sleep shorts.  They are Darcy Boxer Shorts, another freebie pattern.  I am a pursuer of PDFs, a paper-piecer a…  nah I’m all alliterated out.

IMG_8086I chose to make the fly front faux rather than functional.

A little thing that I did notice whilst magic taping these together:

Burda Top – 36 sheets of A4 paper.  One side of A4 cutting and sewing instructions.  Not a full side either and not a diagram or illustration to be found.

Darcy Boxers – 13 sheets of A4 paper, 5 sides of sewing instructions, diagrams and all.

To end.  Pixelated phone photos of me in me jim-jams and a HUGE  thank you to Anne for hosting Jungle January!

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