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Jungle January IV – my jungle has a zebra

Zebra Facts

Weighing up to 350 kilos…

Vogue 7433 in a dense polyester and elastane scuba-style knit.





Zebra Habitat

The vast plains and semi-arid grasslands of…

While most at home foraging for information along vast rows of shelving or through the labyrinthine corridors of the Internet, in the winter this creature is a frequent visitor to suburban gardens.


Easily startled, a good picture will take plenty of patience.


Zebra Range

Seen in the plains and plateaus of southwestern Africa…

Well, you know.  The garden, the kitchen, dare I take her to work?

Interesting Facts

  1. You can identify the different species of zebra by the stripe patterns on their:



2. Lord Rothschild had a zebra carriage


3.  This foal has a reeaally fluffy tail.


Fine Print

My love-affair with vintage patterns continues un-abated.  This jacket has shoulder darts, bust darts and a single sleeve piece.

My zebra not-hide was from Stone Fabrics but it’s no longer available, this at Ditto Fabrics looks to be the same.


Hands-down my favourite event of the sewing blogoverse, thanks Anne for hosting another Jungle extravaganza. May all your (animal) print matching be flawless.


19 thoughts on “Jungle January IV – my jungle has a zebra

    1. I was quite scared when the fabric arrived, having never tackled full on animal print. But, I think that I might just be converted to animal every day. Thank you my jungle enabler! *bows as if at Pride Rock in front of Mufasa*

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