Jungle January · Sewing · Style 4844 · Vintage

Midnight Jungle

A three-hander.  Sequel to My Jungle has Birds and Butterflies.


Cast List

Agent Velvet Black :  Velvet has always been in the shadow of her brighter and more popular colleagues: Intense Violet, Bahama Blue-eyes and of course the fiery red-head – Burlesque.  But not this time, this time Agent Black will truly make a difference.

Pattern Patsy (A.K.A. Style 4844):  She’s just passed the big 4-0 and Pattern Patsy’s future is unclear.  Is she destined for stardom?  Will her name ever be Up In Blog Titles all over the Internet or will she end up forgotten?  One in a long line of patterns that just don’t make the Big Time.

The Mystery Maker:  Just what is this dame’s role in the whole shebang?  Was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time or did she mastermind the whole affair.  We may never know.

Plot Synopsis

They meet.  They mix.  Things get a little tangled and a lot messy.  In the end Pattern Patsy is hung out to dry.



The Moral of This Tale

It’ll all come out in the wash.  Probably all over your best M&S undies.



9 thoughts on “Midnight Jungle

    1. I prefer it black too! I’d only worn it twice and it had been consigned to the airing cupboard until Agent Black came to visit.
      I have ZEBRA PRINT for Jungle January, sooo excited. How about you, what are your plans?

      1. After my snow leopard 80s jumpsuit last year I had been looking around for what looks nice in the shops. I saw a colour blocked dress with two types of tiger. But I am so behind with SWAP and I am very busy with the rest of my life so I am not sure I can do it this year.

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