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Vintage Jacket – the collar that caught my eye



One of those idioms that I until I come to type it I don’t question.  I’m now imagining the literal act of someone catching my eye.  Under what circumstances has my eye become free of its socket?  Am I grateful that someone has caught it?  !Imagination!  If you could just stop right there.  Things are getting a little too Lear for my liking.

Let us start afresh.

A 1964 jacket pattern with a cover image to intrigue.


I can see inside the collar.  How the heck is that constructed?  Sealed envelope.  Darn.  I’ll have to hand some coinage to the man at the seafront  ‘Antiques & Craft Centre’.

So that’s it.  Captured by collar construction.  It’s a puzzling affair of a bias strip folded in upon itself.

I took some pics whilst putting it together, with you guys in mind.  You’re most welcome.  If I didn’t lose you at Lear, have a look at this, it’s fascinating:

First you fold the short end in and then you fold the entire collar in half lengthways.  There is only one collar piece and no interfacing.  Naturally I cut two collar pieces because.  Because where’s the fun in stressing over too little fabric when you can cut two long, long pattern pieces on the bias from a double layer only to find out later that the collar is constructed from a single piece of cloth.  I’m not at all bothered by having done that.

On the hanger:

And on me:



Cold winter light long shot:


This is probably my final #vintagepledge:  Thanks guys.  After this I will be pledging my allegiance to all things animal:  Jungle January IV.  Roar!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Jacket – the collar that caught my eye

    1. Yep, it’s not the first time that I’ve cut the wrong amount of pieces.. I expect that it won’t be the last!
      Looking forward to the jungle, I do hope that you have time to take part.

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