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What I did on my holidays.

Or.  Everywhere I went, my trousers followed.

Where did your sewing follow you this year?  Mine tucked itself neatly between the sun-cream and the woolly socks and trailed us to a northerly Shire where the roads were steep and the locals were friendly.  Much is made of the English North/South divide, but honestly, being a at-least-fourth-generation Southerner I can safely say that when you ask your spouse a question a native resting on a bench nearby does not usually respond.

Lost Southerner:  “I wonder if there is a short cut to the car park from here?”

Friendly Local:  “Aye lass, there’s a path up back.”

Taken aback, but grateful, Southerner:  “Gosh, thank you.”

Friendly Local:  *returns to the task of rearranging the contents of his shopping bag*

Sew.  The sewing.  These are two pair of almost-but-not-quite Margo trousers.  One in a nautical linen from Guthrie and Ghani, one in a floral cotton From Hong Kong.

I’m rather in love with the flare although you (well, I) have to be careful that you/I don’t catch the hem and land teeth first on the cobbles.


What would the locals have made of that?

A footnote of outtakes, just for Gillian and the #BetterPicturesProject.  Here’s me somewhere new, trying to capture movement and even trying a prop!







4 thoughts on “What I did on my holidays.

  1. What a fun bunch of outtakes!!!! Is that a staircase or an alley? Your pants are the perfect amount of crazy – They look so fun to wear!

    1. Thanks! They are great fun to wear.
      The photos were taken on a very steep cobbled lane, treacherous on a dry summer’s day, I’m guessing impassable without climbing equipment during winter!

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