Family Circle Exclusive Pattern No.11 · foraged fabric · Sewing · Vintage

Delighted cackles

Yep.  Truly delighted cackles.

Delighted cackles emitted, by me, on pulling this:


from its hanger.  Yes, it’s so bright it’s attracted a fly.  Yes, it’s too bright for work.  Yes, the ancient cotton will tire quicker than a toddler on a trampoline.



Aloha autumn!  This dress is the colour of the nectarine that is rotting away in my fruit bowl.  This dress is the colour of the pumpkins that I will once again fail to produce in time for All Hallows Eve.

I see before me today a riot of root vegetables.  An abundance of berries.  A flotilla of things both floral and foliate.  All in this particular range of the visible spectrum, and I feel the need to wear it.

So, whilst we’re having the theme park version of autumn:  All still air, clear blue sky, leaves on the turn.  I will indulge in orange.  Just remember, when the weather turns the leaves into a sodden, ruddy sludge and the days are as dark as my mood, to remind me of my tangerine tomfoolery.

Emboldened by this new hue, you may (or you might very well, may not) wish to see that I have even taken up Gillian’s #betterpictureproject challenge and ventured beyond my own back yard for these:

Marvel at how I have not only mastered the art of the painfully self-conscious selfie but I have also found the only graffiti within the bounds of Oxford’s city walls.


The small print:

The dress is (pre-decimal currency) Family Circle Exclusive Pattern Number 11, which I’ve made before.  The fabric is a charity shop find, the remains of some ancient bedsheet I suspect.


11 thoughts on “Delighted cackles

  1. Wowie! That is bright (and I like bright colours). Very funny the fly thought it was a real flower. And I like your librarian’s selection of natural images to proove that the colour scheme is indeed natural.

  2. Love this bright and cheery dress – can’t ever wear too much yellow, orange, etc. The world needs bright young things…………

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