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Autumn rules!

Rule One: log fire flickering and guttering in the grate

Rule Two: cats recumbent on the hearth rug, paws stretched in sleepy supplication to the flame

Rule Three: the distant rattle, crack, whistle and pop of Bonfire Night pyrotechnics

Rule Four: A car alarm oscillating incessantly

Probably set off by all the suddenly-not-quite-so-distant-fireworks.  And they’ve woken the cats.  Methinks it’s time for some therapeutic yarn wrangling.  But what to choose?  The never-ending knitted scarf:


Or the crochet hexagon of hexagons:

I can’t decide.  Let’s talk about something else, a little sixties scuba number.  Yes!  You absolutely read that right.  A sixties pattern in a scuba knit.

What do you think?!


I’m a terrible tease so I’m going to pop fuller details into a later post.  Time to tend the logs in the grate, calm a couple of cats and wrestle with some wool.

Autumn rules!




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