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Possibility and Destination

Afternoon All.

How are you today?  Well I trust?  I’m very well thank you so very much for asking.  Seventeen sleeps until the school holidays, not that we’re counting or anything.  June, hey?  Crazy busy in this household.  I mean I know that we’re all busy but, well, here’s a snapshot of the itinerary:  My birthday.  The birthdays of both of the offspring.  Fathers Day.  My brother’s birthday.  A family wedding.  Sports Day.  A karate competition (offspring).  A week in North Carolina (the patient parent).   Suffice to say that I’m always glad to turn the pages of the calendar from June to July.

That said, June is also the month that our main campus is transformed by caps and gowns and proud parents.  Not having been at the right type of campus at the right time of year for, woo, a looong time I had quite forgotten the spectacle.  Such joy.  Such relief to have reached this particular destination.  I feel responsible for capturing the moment and reporting it on to those that follow.  It is possible!

Possible.  Possibilities.  This fabric:


The lilo ladies with the enormous hands.  I love it!  It could be many things.  I have seventeen sleeps.  In that time can I create one of these dresses?


Say it’s so!  Say it’s possible to make a dress from the lilo ladies in seventeen sleeps because… Well, because then, then I can take it on my south coast holiday.  It’s bound to be warm enough to go into the sea * adopts wry English smile* so I will wear it whilst paddling.  That’s my summer sewing destination.  Yay!

Talking of paddling and sundresses, I might paddle along with the Sundress Sew-a-long #SundressSew15.  How about you?

5 thoughts on “Possibility and Destination

  1. 17 days you say? Well, I would say that your chances very much depend on your skills at procrastination. If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave it till the last minute then rush and end up throwing it in a heap, stamping on it and buying a dress! Thankfully, not everyone is as proficient at procrastination as I am! Good luck!

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