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feline participation

Despite some pretty determined intervention from the fur and stripes brigade I have *sound the Klaxons* finished the eldest’s rug.  Just in time for the first true frosts that have dusted the road in icing sugar and rendered the laminate flooring painfully chilly to the naked trotter.

blues and greys save the day

room meet rug, rug meet roomHe professes to be pleased, so it’s on to the next craftly endeavours.  A rug for the youngest and a little something from the Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori for me.  Dress/tunic G to be precise.

Dress G - Stylish Dress BookI’ve had some  frustrations fun with the gathered edges of the neck and sleeves and with a bit more catty co-operation I’m at the point of deciding upon some buttons.

Button choiceI like the middle set best, shame there are only three when the pattern says four.

I haz ur buttonsAnd how are your paperwhites Penny?  They are doing very well, thank you very much for asking.  This set are alll mine!  They are currently residing on the kitchen window sill shrugging off their etiolation for a much more verdant shade.  In flower for Christmas Day?

paperwhites, end of week one

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