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Xmas Etiquette

Whether you are a going to be a fabulous host or a gracious guest what do you think are acceptable projects to pop out should there be a lull in proceedings?

Do you think that anyone will notice if I leave that there?
Do you think that anyone will notice if I leave that there?

Or more’s to the point what can I surreptitiously sneak out of the crafty corner cupboard when things go quiet here?

I’m thinking that few folks could be offended by a soupçon of stitchery.  I mean I would love, love, love to plan, procure and produce a fabulous faux fur cape (not practical) coat (BORING) cape (NOT PRACTICAL) coat for Jungle January .  However, it’s just too big a project and it’s not at the right stage to pick up in small pockets of time.  Tucked away in various locations I do have a couple or three crochet creations that can be whipped out at a moment’s notice.  Oh!  You’re all going to play charades?  I might just sit here for a moment and do this.  No, no, I”ll be fine.  Could you pass the chocolates?  Thanks!

How about you?  Will you be embracing embroidery, cocooned in crochet or can you surround yourself with sewing?  Whatever you do, may your Yuletide be both yarn-full and joyful.

9 thoughts on “Xmas Etiquette

  1. Oh I’m definitely not going to be stopping sewing or crochet during the holidays! There are 2 bags hidden in the lounge with embroidery in one, and crochet in the other, and as soon as the eyelids start drooping, I’m dashing upstairs for some proper sewing! 😀 Have a great Christmas & New Year!

  2. Now I think a bit of handwork is just showing how comfortable you are with the group and creates a lovely Dickenseque vignette by the fire. Now an entire quilt frame with light and magnifyer stand could get in the way a bit, but a good hostess would understand!

  3. Hello, Penny! I have enjoyed reading your blog and just wanted to say I hope you have a very Happy Xmas-enjoy making your next creations!


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