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meant to be an apron all along

Thanks be to Karen, the marvellous maestro of the apronalong.  Such a courteous companion to coach us through our apronly adventures.

Enthused as I currently am with a certain early evening dancing-themed programme, I would hope that my apron might garner from the lovely Len a “Seven!”.

“Look,” he might say “this apron, it’s like an Eton Mess, it’s not going to win any prizes for presentation, finesse or craftsmanship but it does the job.  I liked it!”

What do I love?

  • the mobile device pocket for on-the-go Radio 4
  • the tea-towel holding loop that has nearly weaned me off the wiping habit
  • the hanging loop

And not so much?

  • the fact that I couldn’t match up all the pigs
  • the pocket puckers. I’m not telling you where they are and I’m not telling you why they are there.  I’m just letting you know that I know that they are there but I’m way too lazy to up-pick the whole bottom edge of the pocket to fix them.

Finally, did you know that aprons were originally called naprons?  You never know when that little tidbit of info. might come in handy 🙂

Right off to work I go, if the rain deters the punters I might even get some time at lunch to check out everyone else’s aprons.  Enjoy your Sunday!


20 thoughts on “meant to be an apron all along

  1. I also like the mobile radio 4 pocket!!! That too shows you’ve thought the design through, and it looks cute too. Have to say though that I just wipe on my apron, absorbency has been built in to the design, plus I get equal joy hanging them on the washing line when they invariably need cleaning up!!

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