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Carry On Crafting?

I have to admit a touch of crafter’s block of late.  Dunno if it’s the weather (dull, damp and very, very grey in my part of the UK today) or the time of year (at the tricky mid-point of Semester 1).  It’s not as though I have been sitting on my bottom getting ‘iPlayer eye’, I have been:

Those are some Liberty wraps for my friend who had the temerity to move to the other side of the world.  The wraps are now in the stunning city of Sydney whilst I reside in drizzly ruralshire.  Nope, not at all jealous.  Then there’s some cross-stitch for my MaMa and you’ll have to trust me on this one, a black phone-sock for my beloved (by request no less).

Finally there is Vogue 8380 which did have a special place in my heart being the first make that I managed to trap myself within.  Here is where the solitary sewing takes on a new and dangerous dimension.  What to do when your dress is half-way off but jammed up onto your left shoulder?  Toddle out to your neighbours to request that they cut open your ill-advised button substituted closure?  Or struggle with a yoga-like back twist and cut yourself free?  I do think that this episode clouded my view of the finished item even when it had a zip.  It seems that it was destined to be re-fashioned into.. a tie-fronted top that is imposs. to photograph even for my seasoned and semi-trained other half.  Remind you of anyone?  Kenny Everett’s Army General?  Boy, have I have some shoulders on me.  No wonder I got trapped in the original dress.

What’s  next?  Not sure.  Seems a bit chilly to sew and not quite cold enough to work on the I-weigh-a-couple-of-kilos-and-am-not-quite-a-rug-yet that lurks in the corner of the living room.  What inspires you to Carry On Crafting?

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