crochet collar · MMM12 · terrible limericks · union flag

Reign-y day

There was a Queen called ‘Lizbeth’ the Second

On the throne 60 years this very weekend

  Street celebrations and

   much jubilation!

Or due to the rain, inside we did stay with bunting mightily dampened.

Well, I thought that I couldn’t possibly do worse than the little limerick I posted with my final MMM’12 FLickr photo.  Not sure that I’m right about the not being able to out-worst myself.  Any road, I thought that I would share with you my joy at finding a crochet collar pattern tucked at the back of my new mag Handmade Fashion.  I’m hoping that this might just be the thing to make me fall back in love with my doomed/challenging self-drafted shift.  I’ve also popped in a little pic of some comforting crochet that I’m going to cosy up with tonight.  Could be a ingenious new scarf based around a simple shell stitch, could be an amusing way to waste a few hours of TV listening.


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