Two skirts are beating together, I’m in love yeah! Or MMM’12 Week 4

It was the week that I went from fleeces and open fires to sleepless nights and the Summer-weight duvet.  We seemed to have skipped Spring entirely this year which is a shame because  it’s my favourite season.

Oi, enough with weather already.  What did this all mean for MMM’12?  It has meant I wore my finished scarf – a variation on Queen Anne’s lace what I invented myself.   Curls rather peculiarly in on itself, a little like the DNA double helix.  Feels great to have something out of the Queue and around my neck.

I also stepped out in the ill-fated self-drafted shift.  I’m STILL not happy with the neckline, and the bias bound shoulder seams are undoing themselves.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I love the material the entire thing would be re-homed.  Any suggestions?  I’m currently scouting ebay for a lacey collar in a style that I don’t despise.

And to the two skirts of the title?  Me Made May had made me realise that I don’t have anywhere near enough separates so here are the two skirts that saved me this week:

And to finish good Sirs?  A tiny bit of cross-pollination:  MMM’12 has made me venture into Flickr, CPD23 has made me venture into Storify.  The intersection in the Venn Diagram of  library folks and crafty folks is bigger than I thought.  If you’ve anything that I can add, let me know.

Here’s to the last few days of Me Made May!

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